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Services our Firm Offers:

Urban Planning:
  • Specific Plans, General Plans & Housing Element Updates
  • Public Workshops and Presentations
  • Zoning / Subdivision Ordinances and Special Studies
  • Growth Management Studies and Implementation Ordinances
  • Land Use Feasibility Analysis and Development Plan Preparation
  • Project-Level General and Specific Plan Compatibility Analysis
  • Planning & Entitlement of Commercial, Industrial and Mixed-Use Projects
  • Historic Preservation Planning and Documentation
  • Resource & Habitat Conservation Programs & Implementation Strategies
  • Sustainability Planning & Climate Action Plans
  • Vineyard Feasibility Planning and Constraints Mitigation

Annexations & Municipal Service Plans:
  • Sphere of Influence and Annexation Feasibility Analyses
  • Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Compliance Studies
  • Boundary Reorganizations & Municipal Service Plans
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Public Outreach & Presentations

Environmental Analysis:
  • Initial Studies and Mitigated Negative Declarations
  • Environmental Impact Reports and Combined EIR / EIS Studies
  • Mitigation Design, Testing and Implementation (MMRP)
  • Viewshed Impact Analysis and Simulations
  • Energy Conservation and Global Climate Change Analysis
  • Green House Gas Project Modeling (URBEMIS, BGM, etc.)

Project Management:
  • Coordination of Interdisciplinary Project "Teams" (Civil, Traffic, Soils & Acoustical Engineers, Architects, Biologists, Archaeologists, Economists, etc.)
  • Public Agency and Citizen Group Liaison
  • Effective Public Hearing Representation and Presentations

Economic Development Studies:
  • Opportunity / Constraints Analysis and Mapping
  • Infrastructure Capacity, Costing Analysis and Spread Methodology
  • Public Policy Analysis and Incentive Programs

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