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Park Ridge Environmental Document:

Addendum to 1996 East Lone Tree Specific Plan EIR for 525 Unit Subdivision

City of Antioch - 2007-2010

Antioch’s East Lone Tree Specific Plan was adopted in 1996, following completion of focused technical studies and certification of a project-level EIR. While it was originally contemplated that individual residential, commercial and employment projects would all subsequently proceed without need for further environmental analysis, market conditions changed and many individual projects were either delayed or revised to adapt. Richard T. Loewke, AICP was retained more than a decade following certification of the original EIR, to lead a team of consultants in the preparation of an environmental analysis for the 525-lot Park Ridge subdivision. This 170-acre project site is situated adjoining existing residential neighborhoods to the west and south, and the State Route 4 Bypass freeway to the east. Key issues addressed and resolved through the environmental analysis included: (a) Verification of on-site habitat usage and seasonal nesting by several pair of burrowing owls (including mitigation for loss of habitat, CDFG-authorized banding, and humane exclusion); (b) Analysis of peak traffic demands from the proposed project in relationship to current, near-term and long-term capacity conditions at all affected intersections and roadway segments; (c) Focused examination of traffic and circulation effects over the “near-term” period during which critical roadway and intersection improvements may not be fully completed as a result of market and recessionary delays; and (d) Analysis of project-specific land use, noise, aesthetics, air quality, related biological resources, public services and other cumulative issues in relation to General Plan and Specific Plan EIR thresholds, and the standards set forth in CEQA Guidelines Section 15162 for use of Addenda.
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