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Concord Reuse Project:

Implementation Strategies for Concord Reuse Project

City of Concord & Various Developers - 2012-2013

Acting as the Local Reuse Authority (LRA), the City of Concord adopted a refined area plan for the former Concord Naval Weapons Station site in early 2012, comprising some 12,000 total acres situated along the easterly side of the City. The Concord Reuse Plan contemplates development of up to 12,000 dwelling units and 6.1 million square feet of retail, office and employment uses within 2,300 acres to be transferred from the Department of Defense (DOD) to the LRA. City and LRA staff, in collaboration with DOD, have contemplated an initial project phase embracing up to 3,000 dwelling units and 500,000 square feet of retail uses within roughly 400 acres of the site potentially suitable for early transfer and disposition. However, a number of technical and economic challenges must be resolved prior to initiation of this overall program, including clean up of remaining waste and contaminants, development of a phased infrastructure capacity and delivery system to serve the entire Reuse Area, and establishment of funding mechanisms to provide for the equitable distribution of program and service costs. Loewke Planning Associates was invited by the City and LRA to participate in analysis of these issues, and to collaborate with prospective development partners in the structuring of a Phase I program. Our efforts in this program are ongoing.








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