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Expert Witness Presentations in Zoning Matters:

Entitlement Analysis, Concord City Council Presentation

Concord Blue Devils - 2010

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The Concord Blue Devils approached our firm, through their legal counsel, in 2010 to conduct an independent review of an application pending before the City of Concord for establishment of a bingo hall in a vacant 19,000 square foot building formerly occupied by a health club, located off the downtown within a planned business park. The discretionary application called for accommodation of 63 tables for an estimated 400 total customers and employees, served by 74 assigned parking spaces. Our analysis focused on compatibility of the proposed gaming operation within the planned business park setting and its external traffic, parking and public safety implications. The application had initially been filed for administrative consideration without benefit of public hearing or CEQA analysis. As part of the appeal filed by the Blue Devils counsel, we completed a thorough analysis of the applicant's contemplated categorical and statutory exemptions from CEQA, and concluded that because of its potential for significant effects, the project was in fact subject to review under CEQA. Our firm presented a PowerPoint, containing our analysis of the current entitlements and their relationship to existing code and CEQA provisions (related video from the Council Hearing is available on our website). The Concord City Council ultimately agreed with our analysis and required that an initial study be prepared, together with either a MND or EIR to address the project's impacts and prospective mitigation. The Concord Blue Devils operate an existing Bingo Hall in Concord and were represented by the Andersen, Roscha & Odne, LLP law firm.
bluedevils bluedevils
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